The sizes of the garments we offer are given as we believe they fit. The product description always states the size that is on the label, as well as the size we have estimated. You can find more information in the size chart.

Size Chart:

Size: Size (in cm): Weight in kg):
XS > 1.60 m > 57kg
S 1.60m - 1.70m 57kg - 65kg
M 1.70m - 1.85m 65kg - 74kg
L 1.85m - 1.96m 74kg - 86kg
XL 1.96m - 2.05m 86kg - 97kg
XXL < 2.05m 97kg - <100kg

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As it can of course happen that there are stains, holes or wear and tear on the garments. Will we indicate this on pictures and in the description. If we overlook something, we are very sorry and you can send the piece back. In this case, just write us an email or via Instagram. We will then immediately find a solution to the problem.

Each of our products receives a condition statement, which we have listed for you here.

5/10: Garment was heavily used.

6/10: Garment has been worn many times and has major stains or holes.

7/10: Garment has small stains or holes.

8/10: Garment has no stains or holes.

9/10: Garment Looks like new but has been worn.

10/10: Garment is new with original tags.


If you are not satisfied with your order, you can of course return it. See: ( Payment & Shipping )