Welcome to DREZZ - Vintage clothes


We are a vintage clothing start-up company. Founded by Keanu Berkenbusch in 2020.



What are we tracking?

To enable you to buy branded clothing at a low price while protecting the environment. With us you get your clothing in excellent condition. In addition, we would like to focus on improving the current environmental situation and contribute to a better environment by not selling newly produced goods, but used vintage and second-hand clothing.


What are the advantages of vintage clothing?

There is no need to re-produce clothing. This is very important because the clothing industry releases an extremely large amount of toxic gases and chemicals into the air. If you think that just buying a used t-shirt, jumper, etc. isn't going to make a difference, then you're wrong. Because every single person who does not support the clothing industry and buys new clothes, but prefers to buy goods that have already been produced, contributes to the fact that we can all live in a better world!


Cleaning & shipping of our garments

Our vintage & second-hand clothes are washed by us with odorless, skin-friendly washing powder before you receive them. Your ordered item will then be packed and shipped in recycled plastic bags. You will also receive a sticker and a thank you card with a discount on your next order.


With us you get cool clothes and save money at the same time!

We specialize in high quality vintage clothing. We offer you cool and rare vintage clothing in the best condition! With us you save a lot of money for clothes that have been worn a few times and are still like new! Now you would sometimes pay twice or three times as much and you also contribute to a better environment. We hope that you will support us in bringing our vision to the world.


Have fun shopping, Your team from DREZZ - Vintage clothes <3